Gift of bats and balls to small baseball players in training at Odenor school

On Monday, June 18, the Roger Cedeño Foundation continued with the task of educating in values ​​the children who are trained as baseball players at the Odenor de la Isabelica baseball school. The big league attended the activity and shared with the children who laughed and selfies listened to their advice and “clinched clinic” with the experienced player.

As part of the work done by the non-profit organization, the former outfielder of the Los Angeles and New York Mets Dodgers gave some advice to the little ones who attended the suggestions and demonstrated skills with a practice game.

“What they must always keep in mind is that they can not fear mistakes because they are part of the game (…) of them we learn and not to obstacles, because when we overcome them, it means that we go to the next level and that is the signal of we are moving forward, “Cedeño shared while serving as a guide in the practice of Odenor’s children.

The baseball fields of La Isabelica served as a space to advance the program that served the 60 children aged between 6 and 9 years under the “Robo de Base” program.

This initiative consists of equipping the children of disadvantaged sectors with sports equipment, as well as knowledge and skills from trained personnel.

The Roger Cedeño Foundation team carried out the respective trainings and delivery of bats and balls to the children and delegates of the aforementioned baseball school, who gladly received the allowance that will allow them to continue their practices.

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