Benefit to seniors with “Hall of Fame” program

The grandparents housed in the Santa Hedwig eldership benefited from the social work undertaken by the Roger Cedeño Foundation in order to bring welfare to the elderly with the “Hall of Fame” program.

This work began on Friday, May 4 with the delivery of personal hygiene products and food, in the compound located in Tocuyito, Libertador municipality, dedicated to the care of the elderly.

The aforementioned place is a non-profit institution run by the congregation of Madre María de San José and that on this occasion opened the doors to the team of the Roger Cedeño Foundation to start this program that seeks to continuously provide clothes and other items, to the grandparents who live there.

The ex-big league, Roger Cedeño, was in charge of the activity together with the director of the elderly, Emigdio Escalona and members of the “Roger Cedeño Foundation” team, with whom they shared emotional moments within the framework of the program, an initiative promoted by the organization for help those who need it most

“I have no words that express the great joy that gives me the opportunity to enforce this program for the grandparents here, is for me and for me a reason for pride and happiness, a huge satisfaction that gives us the strength In addition to all this, we want to thank the director and all his team of collaborators who work hard to keep the hostel clean and in good condition, “said Cedeño.

To conclude the renowned player added that this is the first delivery that takes place within the framework of “Hall of Fame” and will continue to other sites of this kind to extend and make the benefit to all grandparents who require special care and they are housed in nursing homes.

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